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White-oak-tree-facts, the white oak tree (quercus alba) is a long-lived tree used for shade in landscapes and it is one of the most important timber species in the united states. the “national audubon society field guide to trees” reports that the white oak has the nickname stave oak, since its wood is integral in making barrels.. White oak tree facts white oak trees get their name from the whitish color of the undersides of their leaves, distinguishing them from other oaks. they are hardy from usda zone 3 through 9. they grow at a moderate rate, from 1 to 2 feet per year, reaching between 50 and 100 feet tall and 50 to 80 feet wide at maturity., quercus alba, the white oak, is one of the preeminent hardwoods of eastern and central north america. it is a long-lived oak, native to eastern and central north america and found from minnesota, ontario, quebec, and southern maine south as far as northern florida and eastern texas. specimens have been documented to be over 450 years old..

White oak tree facts. by: john lindell 21 september, 2017. image by, courtesy of rick audet. white oak is among the most important of all american trees, according to the website floridata. some of the uses for its wood included shipbuilding, barrel making and supporting timbers in colonial times, supplanted now by utilization in flooring, cabinets, furniture and as railroad ties ..., the state tree of both illinois and connecticut is the white oak (quercus alba). this oak tree grows in a large portion of the eastern united states. the trees may live for hundreds of years if left undisturbed. the tree also goes by the name stave oak, thanks to the wood's use in making barrels..

The white oak has been the state tree of illinois since 1973. the pictures above show the winter, summer and spring habits of a quercus alba located by parking 20., white oak tree facts. found commonly throughout maryland, white oaks are large, slow-growing, and long-lived trees (some are known to have lived for over 600 years). native to eastern north america, white oak trees reach heights of 60 to 150 feet, with trunk diameters between 3 to 4 feet. their glossy, bright green leaves have rounded lobes (five to seven per leaf). in spring, new leaves .... tree nursery. we offer affordable bare root white oak trees and many others trees shipped at the best time for planting where you live., oak belongs to the genus quercus of the beech, or fagaceae, family.. there are approximately 600 extant species of oaks.. oak trees are native to the northern hemisphere.. oak trees are found from cool temperate to tropical latitudes in the americas, asia, europe, and north africa.. most species of oak trees are deciduous with only a few of evergreen forms.. the usual lifespan of an oak is ....

Oak trees belong to the genus quercus originating from the beech family that is also known as fagaceae.the genus quercus has about 600 species of oaks.. oak trees are mostly deciduous except a few oak trees that are evergreen.